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Statement Regarding Point Deductions to Club

9th June 2015

This is a statement from the Airedale & Wharfedale Senior Cricket League regarding the deduction of points from three of our member clubs.

Alwoodley Cricket Club, Follifoot Cricket Club and Green Lane Cricket Club all failed to obtain a transfer certificate for their individual overseas player and lodge it with the League before the overseas player was eligible to play. In all three cases the overseas player played with another club in an YCB affiliated Leagues and therefore required an official YCB transfer. The failure to comply with this regulation means that the player is deemed ineligible and is unable to play within the League until a transfer certificate has been obtained from his previous club and lodged with the League.

The League Rules specify this and have done for some time. All Clubs were reminded in January and March that such movements require a transfer certificate, but the above clubs failed to comply with the reminders which are circulated to the officials of all clubs.

The League Management Executive Committee have met and the decision made that all points gained by the clubs in each individual match in which the ineligible player played shall be withdrawn. In addition, those clubs that played those players in the Waddilove Cup have been expelled from the competition. The decision was not taken lightly and was carefully considered. Clubs must follow the correct transfer protocol at all times.