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2011 Transfers

All players named below have had their transfers approved and are free to play for their new Clubs, from and including the date shown or earlier in practice matches.

Player From To Date
Robert Jones Wetherby CC (South York Senior League) Knaresborough 31st July
Charles Powell Pannel CC (Nidderdale League) Collingham & Linton 30th July
Aaron Emmanuel Woodhouse CC Collingham & Linton 30th July
Ben Daniels Thornton CC (Halifax Cricket League) Illingworth St. Mary’s 23rd July
Amarjit Matharu Colton CC Alwoodley 16th July
Shaw Khan Caribbean CC (Central Yorkshire League) Bardsey 16th July
Adam Pryor Harrogate CC (Yorkshire Premier League) Knaresborough 9th July
Danny Bailey Hepworth Idle CC (Dales Council League) Tong Park Esholt 9th July
Anthony Giles Swarkestone CC (South York Senior League) Otley 9th July
Maroof Mohammed Bardsey CC New Rover 9th July
Navjit Degun Leeds Sikh CC (Dales Council League) Alwoodley 2nd July
Nathan Barrett Keighley CC (Bradford League) Silsden 2nd July
Andrew Brown New Rover CC Silsden 2nd July
James Halliday Denholme CC (Craven & District League) Harden 25th June
Ray Smith Ben Rhydding CC New Rover 25th June
Aiden Ellison Knaresborough Forrest CC (Nidderdale League) Bilton 18th June
Stuart Ellison Knaresborough Forrest CC (Nidderdale League) Bilton 18th June
Sam Emmitt Knaresborough CC Otley 18th June
David Reynard Wilsden CC (Craven League) Otley 18th June
Andrew Stephen Ingham Bradshaw CC (Halifax League) Illingworth 18th June
Niall Colman Rawdon CC Pool 18th June
David Lee Staveley Sewerby CC (Hunters York & District League) Calverley 18th June
Taranjit Matharu Colton CC Alwoodley 18th June
Waqas Ahmed Apperley Bridge CC (Dales Council League) Silsden 18th June
Stephen Cox Skipton CI CC (Craven & District League) Silsden 18th June
James Clubb Guiseley CC Menston 11th June
Adrian Chippendale Guiseley CC Menston 11th June
Michael Missett Kirkstall Educational CC Otley 11th June
David Jacobs Shildon BR CC (Durham County League) Bilton 11th June
Simon Kellett Norton CC (North Staffs South Cheshire League) Rawdon 4th June
Kieran Mitchell Ben Rhydding CC Addingham 4th June
Zarshad Khan Calverley St. Wilfrid’s CC Silsden 4th June
Tim Hollis Collingham & Linton CC North Leeds 4th June
Lewis Bolton Otley CC Ben Rhydding 4th June
Sajad Ali Blackley CC (Halifax League) Illingworth 28th May
Sajad Ali Manningham Mills CC (Bradford League) Burley in Wharfedale 21st May
Bradley Hinchliffe Baildon CC (Bradford League) Harden 21st May
Scott Price Idel CC (Bradford League) Thackley 21st May
Haminder Matharu Colton CC Alwoodley 21st May
Anthony Yelding Birstall CC (Central Yorkshire League) Bardsey 21st May
Matthew Hagyard Cononley CC (Craven & District League) Menston 14th May
Joseph Atkinson Thorp Arch & Boston Spa CC (York Senior League) Kirkstall Educational 14th May
Mark Thomas Follifoot CC Horsforth 14th May
Anthony Brown Bishops Stortford CC (Home Counties Premier League) Beckwithshaw 14th May
George Partridge Guiseley CC Menston 8th May
Haroon Rashid Colton CC Alwoodley 7th May
Liam Gray North Leeds CC Alwoodley 7th May
Haroon Ali Embsay CC (Craven League) Skipton 7th May
Richard Brook Maghull CC (Liverpool & District League) Colton Institute 7th May
Ian Thomas Olicanian CC Menston 30th April
Ben Whitehead Ripley CC (NidderdaleLeague) Beckwithshaw 30th April
Wesley Bell Caribbean CC (Central Yorkshire League) Bardsey 30th April
Alex Dando Otley CC Pool 30th April
Qasim Ali Akbar Great Horton Church CC (Bradford Central League) Tong Park Esholt 23rd April
Paul Barton Otley CC Ben Rhydding 23rd April
Jamie Barratt Saxton CC (Wetherby League) North Leeds 23rd April
James Hall Addingham CC Ilkley 23rd April
Jonny Garnett Guiseley CC Menston 23rd April
Chris Nolan Bilton CC Knaresborough 17th April

All players named below have had their transfers approved and are free to play for their new Clubs, starting from and including Saturday 16 April 2011 or earlier in practice matches.

Player From To
John Maynard Shffield United CC (Yorkshire Premier League) Bardsey
Christopher James Spivey Bolton Villas CC Olicanian
Raees Ishtiaq Allerton CC (Bradford Mutual Sunday School League) Rawdon
Freebury James Settle CC (Ribblesdale League) Upper Wharfedale
Charlie Fairbank Horsforth CC Collingham & Linton
Ryan Shorrocks New Farnley CC (Central Yorkshire League) Collingham & Linton
Oliver Musgrave Ben Rhydding CC Horsforth
Michael Hush Berwick CC (Northumberland League) Horsforth
Bryan Christopher Telfer Brighouse (Bradford League) Kirkstall Educational
Adrian Hirst Pudsey St. Lawrence CC (Dales Council League) Kirkstall Educational
Robert Mould East Hadlsey CC (Langbaurgh League) Alwoodley
John Maynard Sheffield United CC (Yorkshire Premier League) Bardsey
Jeremy Batty Harden CC Rawdon
Lewis Bolton Pool CC Otley
Thomas James Collingham & Linton CC Adel
Andrew Bowes Caribbean CC (Central Yorkshire League) Bardsey
Saqib Mir Shipley Providence (Dales Council League) Tong Park Esholt
Ghulam Rafique Manningham Mills CC (Bradford League) Alwoodley
Laiq-Ur-Rehman Thackley CC Colton
Craig H Robson Baildon CC (Bradford League) Bilton
Amjid Ali Numan Clayton CC (Halifax League) Bardsey
Rishabh Jain Riddlesden CC Thackley
Alex West Rodley CC (Dales Council League) Calverley
Chris West Rodley CC (Dales Council League) Calverley
Benjamin Davey Upper Wharfedale CC Skipton
Muhammed Asim Khan Altofts CC (Central Yorkshire League) Woodhouse
Kieran Williams Dacre Banks CC (Nidderdale League) Skipton
Amit Pandey Cookridge CC (Dales Council League) Olicanian
Jack Harrison Collingham & Linton CC Olicanian
Jason Wright Burley in Wharfedale CC Ben Rhydding
Richard Hayhurst Walton CC (Wetherby League) Collingham & Linton
Asif Amir Farsley CC (Bradford League) Tong Park Esholt
Zaffar Mahmood Farsley CC (Bradford League) Tong Park Esholt
James Orton Bilton CC Follifoot
Lee Gordon North Leeds CC Kirkstall Educational
Luke Aitken Mexborough CC (South York Senior League) Kirkstall Educational
Phil Allinson Pudsey Congs CC (Bradford League) Harden
Stuart Carey Beckwithshaw CC Knaresborough
Gregory How Clifton Alliance CC (York League) Knaresborough
Chris Wigglesworth Dacre Banks CC (Nidderdale League) Ben Rhydding
Chris Smith Newcastle CC (North East Premier League) Ben Rhydding
Redmond Bolton Pool CC Ben Rhydding
Chris Pennington Dacre Banks CC (Nidderdale League) Ben Rhydding
Sam McAdam Triangle CC (Halifax League) Illingworth
William Liddle Pannal CC (Nidderdale League) Bilton
Jonathan Baines Baildon CC (Bradford League) Burley
Christopher Ryan St Clair – Whicker Headingley CC (Wetherby League) Rawdon
Luke Facey Skipton C I CC (Craven & District League) Skipton
Joshua Hobson Horsforth Hall Park CC Rawdon
Tom Stead Cononley CC (Craven & District League) Upper Wharfedale
Robert Ellis Pannal CC (Nidderdale League) Beckwithshaw
James Doidge Pudsey St. Lawrence CC (Bradford League) Rawdon
Cameron Pitt Pannal CC (Nidderdale League) Knaresborough
Mark Beckett Oakworth CC (Craven & District League) Harden
Sam Moore Rawdon CC Beckwithshaw
David Wynn Silsden CC Upper Wharfedale
Nicholas John Verrill Rosslyn CC (Middlesex Championship) Ilkley
Adam Morgan Denby CC (Derbyshire League) Thackley
Anderw Fox Otley CC New Rover
Ryan Walker Mossley CC (Cheshire Cricket Alliance) Guiseley
James Smith Menston CC Addingham
Andrew Clark Bradford & Bingley CC (Bradford League) Bolton Villas
Michael Clark Bradford & Bingley CC (Bradford League) Bolton Villas
Peter Clark Bradford & Bingley CC (Bradford League) Bolton Villas
Simon Curry Idel CC (Bradford League) Calverley
Shaun Delaney Old Modernians CC (Wetherby League) Ben Rhydding
Chris Peareth Brandon CC (Readers Durham County League) Bilton
Dominic Bennett Crossflatts CC (Craven League) Steeton
Oral Blackford Follifoot CC Bilton
Edward Sproston Bramhope CC (Wetherby League) Ilkley
David Wright Colton Institute CC Follifoot
Elliot Mercer Bradshaw CC (Halifax League) Illingworth
Ben Waller Horsforth Hall Park CC Calverley
Shane Marshall Idel CC (Bradford League) Thackley
Muhammed Aurangzeb Khan Cookridge CC (Dales Council League) New Rover
Stewart Smith Rawdon CC Otley
Stewart Dobson Rawdon CC Otley
Andrew Johnson Pannal CC (Nidderdale League) Beckwithshaw
Greg Lambert Kirkburton CC (Drakes Huddersfield Cricket League) Follifoot
Edward Broadley Olicanian CC Ilkley
Roy Broadley Olicanian CC Ilkley
Richard Broadley Olicanian CC Ilkley
Oliver Mantle Hampsthwaite CC (Nidderdale League) Knaresborough