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Past Presidents

Past Presidents of the League (since League reformed in 1936)

Headley VERITY, (Rawdon) 1936-37

G T DENISON (Yeadon) 1938

G VALLENDER (Ilkley) 1939

G W DALE (Skipton) 1940-41

L CARTER (Horsforth) 1942-43

E HANSON (Menston) 1944-46

W HARRISON (Burley) 1947

C W NELSON (North Leeds) 1948-51

J H ELLICOTT (Menston) 1952-55

F F ELSWORTH (North Leeds) 1956-60

H N ARCHER (Horsforth 1961-67

D G MORRIS (North Leeds) 1968-71

G E SCHOFIELD (Guiseley)1972-75

George R REAH (North Leeds) 1976-80

Eddie NELSON (Illingworth) 1981-86

Jack D SULLIVAN (Menston) 1987-90

John C CLAPHAM (Horsforth) 1991-94

Denys BULL (North Leeds) 1995-98

Ian M CHAPPELL (North Leeds) 1999-01

David L STEEL (Rawdon) 2002-05

Norman HOLROYD (Green Lane) 2006-09

David L STEEL (Rawdon) 2010

Alan ATKINSON (Horsforth Hall Park) 2011-2013