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League Sub-Committees

Members Of League 

League Emergency & Cup Qualification
The President, Vice President & Hon League Secretary.

Umpires Appointments – David Bell.

West Yorkshire Area Council Cup – Tony Crowther and Paul Smith. The Team Manager, Chris Smith (Otley Cc), Is Co-Opted To This Sub-Committee

Disciplinary Working Group – David House (Chairman), Andrew Jennings, Mike Baxendall, Barrie Crighton, Nick Fraser, Simon Jackson, Bryan Stott, Bernard Thornton and Lawrence Walker.

Rules Working Group – John Chartres, Jonathan Corcoran, John Harker, Ben Quick, Mark Shaw, Graham Stalgis, Brian Wheeler.

Scoring Working Group – David Bell, David Alred, Richard Day, Matthew O’Grady, Mark Shaw, Paul Smith, Clive Vallance, David Young and David Havercroft.

Recruitment & Retention Working Group – David Eggleton, John Harrison, Michael Mears, Nick Smith, Paul Smith, Steve Wilson.