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2011 Winners

Naylor Jennings Trophy and Howard Stott Pennant
(1st Division 1st XI Champions)
Thackley C.C.
(Capt. Leon Harbor)
Jack Sullivan Cup
(1st Division 1st XI Runner Up)
Kirkstall Educational C.C.
(Capt. Jos Siddall)
Elsworth Trophy
(2nd Division 1st XI winners)
Ben Rhydding C.C.
(Capt. )
The J.K.Harrison Trophy
(3rd Division 1st XI winners)
Bardsey C.C.
(Capt. )
Waddilove Cup
(1st X1 Cup)
Burley in Wharfedale C.C.
(Capt. Mark Harrison)
Airedale-Wharfedale Cup
(1st Division 2nd XI Champions)
Adel C.C.
(Capt. Mark Robinson)
George Reah Trophy
(1st Division 2nd XI Runners Up)
Guiseley C.C.
(Capt. Nick Fraser)
J.C.Stone Trophy
(2nd Division 2nd XI Winners)
Bilton C.C.
(Capt. Matt Shaw)
The David L Steel Trophy
(3rd Division 2nd XI winners)
Ilkley C.C.
(Capt. Ben Button)
Birtwhistle Cup
(2nd XI Cup)
Beckwithshaw C.C.
(Capt. Steve Walmsley)
Burmah Oil Trophy
(Combined 1st & 2nd XI points winners)
Ilkley C.C.
The Denys Bull Trophy
(3rd XI Champions)
Olicanian C.C.
(Capt. Mick Lawrence)
Ian Chappell Cup (3rd XI Cup) Guiseley C.C.
(Capt. Darren Nicholson)
3rdX1 Group Winners ‘A’ Olicanian C.C.
(Capt. Mick Lawrence)
3rdX1 Group Winners ‘B’ Adel C.C. (Capt. Mark McFarlane)
3rdX1 Group Winners ‘C’ Thackley C.C. (Capt. Rob Clayton)
Eddie Nelson Batting
(1st XI Division 1)
Kevin Bennett
(Kirkstall Educational C.C.)
Eddie Nelson Bowling
(1st XI Division 1)
Nassar Jamal
(Thackley C.C.)
Archer-Morris Trophy
(1s tXI Batting Division 2)
Mark Taylor
(Steeton C.C.)
Barritt-Newbould Trophy
(1st XI Bowling Division 2)
Phil Leng
(Harden C.C.)
Bryan Stott Trophy
(1st XI Batting Division 3)
Farrukh Allam
(Woodhouse C.C.)
E and N Holroyd Trophy
(1st XI Bowling Divison 3)
Amjid Ali
(Bardsey C.C.)
Don Brennan Trophy
(1st XI wicket keeping)
Joe Ollerenshaw
(Thackley C.C.)
U20 Batting Andrew Wear
(Harden C.C.)
U20 Bowling Not awarded
Ellicott Shield
(1st XI Fielding)
Dean Russ
(Guiseley C.C.)
The Lawrence Walker All-Rounder Trophy
(1st XI)
Farrukh Allam
(Woodhouse C.C.)
Ernest Walker Trophy
(Waddilove Cup Man of the Match)
Nick Brook
(Burley In Wharfedale C.C.)
Lees-Reah Trophy
(2nd XI Batting Divison 1)
Steve Hargreaves
(Green Lane C.C)
Claughton-Cockcroft Trophy
(2nd XI Bowling Divison 1)
Neil Allitt
(Green Lane C.C.)
Boddy-Walker Trophy
(2nd XI Batting Division 2)
Paul Naylor
(Thackley C.C.)
Jubilee Trophy
(2nd XI Bowling Division 2)
Adam Boocock
(Thackley C.C.)
A and J Atkinson Trophy
(2nd XI Batting Division 3)
Tas Malik
(Ilkley C.C.)
The Millenium Trophy
(2nd XI Bowling Divison 3)
Adam Pothecary
(Menston C.C.)
Harry McIlvenney Trophy
(2nd XI Wicketkeeping)
Chris Horsfall
(Adel C.C.)
Eric Money Shield
(2nd XI Fielding)
Jack Emmett
(Follifoot C.C.)
The Mike Hibbert All Rounder Trophy Stephen Booth
(Collingham & Linton C.C.)
Robert Bland Trophy
(Birtwhistle Cup Man of the Match)
Steve Walmsley
(Beckwithshaw C.C.)
N & J Threapleton
(3rd XI Batting)
Carl Smith
(Otley C.C.)
The Donald Holmes Trophy
(3rd XI Bowling)
Joe Osman
(Follifoot C.C.)
The JC Clapham Trophy
(3rd XI wicketkeeping)
Jack Stephenson
(Steeton C.C.)
Don Summersgill –
(3rd XI Fielding)
Ryan Heptinstall
(Bilton C.C.)
The Dennis Kirkbright Trophy
(Ian Chappel Cup Man of the Match)
Damon Reeve
(Guiseley C.C.)
Eddie Nelson Trophy
(Joe Lumb Player of the Season)
David Greenwood Memorial Trophy
(LTYJCF Player of the Week at U15s)
Harry Nicholson (Guiseley C.C.) &
Navinder Panesar (Calverley C.C.)
The Secretary`s Trophy
(LTYJCF U13 Player of the Week)
Joe Baxter
(Horsforth C.C.)
The J.P.Scally Trophy
(LTYJCF U11 Player of the Week)
Eitan Litvin
(Kirkstall C.C.)
Eddie Nelson U13 Shield Colton C.C.
The Peter Rowney Shield Rawdon C.C.
William A. Gill Memorial Trophy
(Young Scorer of the year)
Rachel Stanley
(Collingham & Linton)
Fair Play Award Ilkley CC