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Development League

2014 sees the creation of a Development League, which has been introduced to bridge the gap between junior and senior cricket, encouraging young players to play in competitive matches with and against adults. The games are played in coloured kit with coloured balls and stumps.

The philosophy of the Development League is to provide fun and exciting cricket, played competitively truly in the Spirit of Cricket whilst developing clubs for the future. Within this overall philosophy, there are some items that are targeted at separate sub groups within the wider cricketing community, each targeted at developing club members to fulfil their potential or allowing them to put something back now that they have more time.

The key features of the League are:

1. The League is for junior and senior players to play together in a competitive environment. It a place where the improvement of junior players is prized and young cricketers are challenged to play to a high standard. 1st & 2nd XI players are encouraged to be a part of these teams, but it would be wrong for them to dominate games on a regular basis.

2. A well run and managed team will adapt based on the strength of its opposition. On some days, it will rely more on its senior players to make a game of it or set a target to allow the bowlers something to bowl at, but on others it will give chances to the lesser players when the opposition are not so strong whilst still playing to win.

3. Teams are run by a nominated ‘Team Manager’ who organises his or her club’s team and deals with the administration of matches. The Team Manager should supported by senior players, who educate and encourage younger players, setting good standards in preparation for and during a cricket match. all club Team Managers, together with up to two representatives from the AWSCL Management Committee, make up the League’s ‘Administration Team’.

4. Teams must include 6 players under the age of 21, two of whom must be under the age of 18.

5. Clubs are to provide their own umpire and scorer for all matches, except where and ‘volunteer’ umpire is available from the pool of umpires associated with Aire-Wharfe Senior Cricket League. Clubs are encouraged to provide umpires who do not have much experience, as the League provides an opportunity for newer umpires to gain experience.

6. Young scorers are encouraged to learn with the support of others and to gain confidence with scoring.

Whilst the League is competitive in nature, it is not a ‘win at all costs’ league. Any behaviour that runs against the spirit and intentions of the League will be investigated and dealt with in an appropriate manner by the League’s Administration Team. Of course, it is hoped that no such investigations will be required and that all participating individuals will keep in mind the League’s philosophy.

The League supports the Safeguarding Policy of the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and adopts the ECB’s Safe Hands policy where appropriate e.g. ‘bowling directives’.