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Calverley St Wilfrids CC

Club Details
Oxford Blue & Cambridge Blue
Home Ground: LS28 5PY
Records show The Club was founded in 1843 as Calverley Cricket Club before assuming its current title of Calverley St. Wilfrid’s Cricket Club in 1864. There is no documentary evidence that a cricket club existed in the village prior to 1843. In that year, a club was formed under the name of ‘Calverley Cricket Club’, The field of play was under the Roundhills. We have had difficulty in locating this exact location but understand the field was one which was rented by Thomas Whincup (Carr Farm) and was at the bottom of ‘Roundhills’ where the ground levelled to be capable of a cricket ground near to Carr Road. The Roundhills was a large five acre field (Bands Low Close and Bands Upper Close to the top Great Brow Close) which can be seen today running roughly parallel to Carr Hill Drive.

The players were John Craven (snr.), John Craven (jnr.), John B. Davison, Joseph Davision, Benj. Eastwood, James Grainger, Henry Grainger, Isaac Horn, Tom Hornblower, Reuben Page, Thomas Wheatley, Samuel Waterhouse, Joseph Waller and Joseph Wheater. The subscription was 2s6d a man and a new ball whenever a game was played. The Club died a natural death at the close of 1845.
At the beginning of 1846 another Club was formed under the same name with the following players joining three or four of the new players; James Bannister, Ben. Craven, Hinchliffe Davison, William Grainger, Ben Jeffrey, Sam Kitchen, Joseph Swaine, William Thompson and Israel Whitfield. The Club rented another field from Thomas Whincup which is easy to see on old maps next to Carr Farm House and lived for a further dozen years.

The village was then without a cricket club for two years until the Spring of 1860 when a club was formed under the name of ‘All Nations’, the field of play reverting to the Roundhills site. The originators were Alfred Busfield, Joseph Firth, Samuel Grimshaw, William T. Hartley, William Hollings, Joseph Kellett, William Page, Joseph Page, James Ross and Davison Walton.

Having played for two years and hearing another Club was being organised by the following; James Bannister, Jonathan Benson, Titus Brown, Seth Hollings, Isaac Hollings, Joseph Hartley, Ben Jeffrey, John Kellett, W.S. Pratt, Tom Parkinson, James Thompson (sen.), William Thompson, John Thompson Alfred Watson and Israel Whitfield, The All Nations Club held a meeting and agreed to fall in with the gentlemen named and make one club, Calverley Cricket Club. Mr. John Kellett was appointed the first secretary and The Club moved to a field at the end of Shell Lane, being rented from Titus Brown. The Club then began to prosper and a good many were made members including George Andrews, William H. Benson, David Firth, Benjamin Grey, Samuel Grey, Alfred grey, Edwin Gott, Joseph Jeffrey, Richard Jeffrey, John Lister and James Thompson (jnr).

In 1864 the annual general meeting was held at the home of William Thompson where a motion to change the name to Calverley St. Wilfrid’s Cricket Club was proposed by James Bannister and was agreed. It is not known whether or not there was a connection with the village Church, St. Wilfrid’s, but there are games Parish cricket matches recorded.

In 1868, The Club were making such rapid progress that a new field was rented off Carr Road, which is now its current home, Victoria Park, Calverley.

Currently The Club play senior cricket in the Airedale Senior Cricket League which they joined in 1952 having played in The Leeds Cricket League. The Club have now three senior teams playing in The League. There are also junior teams at Under 9, 11, two at 13, 15 and 17 who play in the Airedale Junior Cricket League.