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Child Welfare

The new “Safe Hands” Policy

You may download as below the whole policy section by section

Section 1 & 2

Section 3


Creating a Club Policy

Responding to and Reporting concerns

Incident Reporting Form

Useful Contacts List

ECB Whistle Blowing Policy

ECB Guidance on Appointing and Training a Club Welfare Officer

Guidelines on Recruitment

List of Posts which require Vetting Checks

Overseas Vetting Form

Sample Reference Form

Guidelines on Supervising children

Guidance on the wearing of cricket helmets

ECB Fielding Regulations

ECB Fast Bowling Directives

Selection of young players in adult cricket

Guidance on Junior Cricketers playing in Adult Matches

Guidelines on Girls playing in Boys Cricket

Guidance for Coaches Working with Children

Guidance for Staff and Volunteers working with Children

Guidance on Codes of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Cricket Club Members and Guests

ECB Guidelines for a Code of Conduct for Children

ECB Guidelines on the use of Player Profile Forms

Player Profile Form Template

Kidscape sample anti-bullying policy for cricket

Guidelines on Changing Rooms and Showering Facilities

ECB Photography and Video Camera Guidelines

ECB Guidelines on transport

ECB Guidelines on Managing Children Away from the Club

ECB Missing Child Guidelines

ECB Guidelines on working with external partners


All Items Concerning Child Welfare May Now Be Found At This Central Point. I Am, Of Course, Always Available To Try To Help.


ROLES – Enquries From Leagues And Clubs, Queries, Advice On Child Welfare Procedures And Crbs.

BRIAN FARRELL Will Deal With North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire And Leeds

JACK CARSON (01924-405512) Will Deal With West Yorkshire (Except Leeds) And South Yorkshire

JACK CARSON Will Also Deal With The Distribution Of CRB Forms

BRIAN FARRELL Will Deal With The List Of CRB Signers

RAY KNOWLES Will Continue To Deal With Individual Cases And He And 
ANDREW WATSON Remain As Course Tutors

Please Be Aware That All Child Welfare Documents May Be Downloaded In PDF Format But That These Cannot Be Edited Before Being Downloaded. However, If You Contact Howard Clayton By E-Mail, The Same Documents In Word Format, Which Can Then Be Edited And Your Own Club`S Logo Added, Will Be E-Mailed Back To You.