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Transfers 2013

All players named below have had their transfers approved and are free to play for their new Clubs, from and including the date shown or earlier in practice matches.

Player From To Date
Max Cranmer-Brown Trent Bridge Cricket Team (Nottinghamshire Cricket Board) Colton Institute 6th July
Shahid Tanvir Crossbank Methodists CC (Huddersfield Central League) Bardsey 29th June
Alex Hewitt Baildon CC (Bradford League) Collingham & Linton 29th June
Mark Pennington Ingrow CC (Craven & District League) Steeton 22nd June
Thomas Collard Hoveringham CC (Rydale Beckett League) Burley in Wharfedale 22nd June
Aiden Sloan Headingley Bramhope CC (Wetherby League) Rawdon 15th June
Stephen Potter Collingham & Linton Kirkstall Educational 15th June
Kilian Sloan Headingley Bramhope CC (Wetherby League) Rawdon 15th June
Greg Jennings Green Lane CC Rawdon 15th June
Ben Morley Rawdon CC Otley 15th June
Waqar Rafiq East Keswick CC (Wetherby League) Bolton Villas 8th June
Tom Lilley Pannal CC (Nidderdale League) Beckwithshaw 8th June
James Keane Ripley CC (Nidderdale League) Knaresborough 8th June
George Davies Harrogate CC (York & District League) Knaresborough 8th June
Zair Allakber Shah Great Horton Church CC (Bradford Mutual Sunday School League) Woodhouse 8th June
Matthew Smith Stokesley CC (North Yorks & South Durham League) New Rover 8th June
Corey Gilmore Bardsey CC Collingham & Linton 1st June
Adrian Emmott Steeton CC Skipton 1st June
Craig Ellison Knottingley Town CC (Pontefract League) Bilton 1st June
Aiden Ellison Knottingley Town CC (Pontefract League) Bilton 1st June
Craig Ellison Knottingley Town CC (Pontefract League) Bilton 1st June
Stuart Broadley Ilkley CC Olicanian 1st June
Dominic Grimes ben Rhydding CC Burley in Wharfedale 1st June
Robert Carlill Whitehaven CC (North Lancs & Cumbria League) Horsforth Hall Park 18th May
Joe Baxter Horsforth CC Rawdon 18th May
Saneera Bandara Nawarathne Norton Woodseats (South Yorkshire Senior) Alwoodley 18th May
Muhammad Tariq Leeds Police CC Woodhouse 11th May
Mike Garrod Bolton Villas CC Green Lane 11th May
Christopher Luxton Steeton CC Thackley 11th May
Christopher Clubb Yateley CC (Thames Valley League) Pool in Wharfedale 4th May
Joe Rose Shifnal CC (Birmingham League) Ben Rhydding 4th May
Mohammed Ebrar Baildon CC (Bradford League) Green Lane 28th April
Azhar Mahmood Airedale CC (Craven League) Skipton 27th April
Joe Downing Taunton CC (Bristol & Somerset League) Beckwithshaw 27th April
Craig Anthony Denby Fenner CC (York & District League) Kirkstall Educational 27th April
Chris Cheshire Hampsthwaite CC (Nidderdale League) Follifoot 27th April
Oliver Button Addingham CC Ilkley 27th April
Dylan Duraisingham Cheam CC (Surrey League) Menston 27th April
Adam Patterson Sutton CC (East Yorkshire Alliance League) Alwoodley 27th April
Liam Gray Alwoodley CC North Leeds 21st April

All players named below have had their transfers approved and are free to play for their new Clubs, starting from and including Saturday 13 April 2012 or earlier in practice matches.


Player From To
Joseph McTigue East Keswick CC (Wetherby League) New Rover
Michael William Shotton East Keswick CC (Wetherby League) New Rover
Michael Cachia Falkland CC (Cricket Scotland League) Burley in Wharfedale
Chris Baines Upper Wharfedale CC Steeton
Thomas Gadd Bolton Villas CC Thackley
Hajat Khoshal Khali Caribbean CC (Central Yorkshire League) North Leeds
John Jonas Clayton CC (Halifax League) New Rover
Ghulam Rafique Alwoodley CC Woodhouse
Mustafa Rafique Alwoodley CC Woodhouse
Furrukh Aftab Leeds Police CC (Wetherby League) New Rover
James Simpson Calverley St. Wilfrid’s CC Horsforth Hall Park
Dylan Budge Thackley CC Horsforth
Dominic Keasham Sowerby Bridge CC (Halifax League) Harden
Ryan Nicholson Bishop Aukland CC (North Yorkshire / South Durham League) Bilton
James Pearson Saltaire CC (Bradford League) Ilkley
Andrew Hirst East Keswick CC (Wetherby League) Kirkstall Educational
Allan Toole North Stainley CC (Nidderdale League) Bilton
Richard Nichols Barnoldswick CC (Ribblesdale League) Skipton
Jonathan Garnett Tong Park Esholt CC Menston
Matthew Topham Bradford & Bingley CC (Bradford League) Harden
Robert Orton Little Ribston (Nidderdale League) Follifoot
Oliver Albert Musgrave Ben Rhydding CC Addingham
Patrick Dyer Belvoir CC (South Notts League) Rawdon
Basharat Rasool St. Chads Broomfield CC (Wetherby League) Bardsey
Robert Day Adel CC Kirkstall Educational
Robert Davy Crompark CC (Dales Council League) Olicanian
Nawazish Qureshi Ilkley CC Calverley St. Wilfrid’s
Rehaan Butt Haworth Road Methodists CC (Craven & District League) Bolton Villas
Mohsin Iqbal New Rover CC Menston
Alex Lilley Harrogate CC (Yorkshire League) Beckwithshaw
Mark Dixon Lepton Highlanders CC (Huddersfield District League) Adel
Jonathan Ross Spofforth CC (Nidderdale League) Follifoot
Chris Wynd Carlton CC (Central Yorkshire League) Ben Rhydding
Matthew Henry New Rover CC Beckwithshaw
Nicholas Bulcock Menston CC Otley
Josh Waind Skipton CC Silsden
Matthew Green Scholes CC (Central Yorkshire League) Thackley
Benjamin David Whitehead Ripley CC (Nidderdale League) Follifoot
Liam Ford Burton Leonard CC (Nidderdale League) Bilton
Odge Davey Brockhampton CC (Birmingham Premier League) Bilton
Christopher Winn Brandon CC (Readers County League) Bilton
Ian Thomas Menston CC Olicanian
James Nixon Ilkley CC Olicanian
James Richard Cottle Baildon CC (Bradford League) Olicanian
Khalil Rehman Great Horton CC (Bradford League) Tong Park Esholt
Kieran Mitchell Addingham CC Ben Rhydding
Javed Ahmed East Keswick CC Bolton Villas
Robert Pratt Thornton CC (Halifax League) Bolton Villas
Tom Clayton Bardsey CC Follifoot
Stephen Paul Simpson Farsley CC (Bradford League) Pool in Wharfedale
Alex McQueen Broad Oak CC (Drakes Huddersfield League) Kirkstall Educational
Jack Mills Bewdley CC (Worcester County League) Kirkstall Educational
Stephen Brown Lepton Highlanders CC (Huddersfield League) Kirkstall Educational
Denis Rock Walton CC (Wetherby League) Horsforth Hall Park
Elliot Rock Walton CC (Wetherby League) Horsforth Hall Park
Steve Phillips Tong CC Horsforth Hall Park
Darren Holmes Tong CC Horsforth Hall Park
Jonathan Hughes Otley CC Ilkley
Paul Malkin Stratford-upon-Avon CC (BDPL) Rawdon
Ryan Sharrocks New Farnley CC (Central Yorkshire League) Collingham & Linton
Arshad Latif Stokenchurch CC (Cherwell League) Skipton
Toby Mountain Olicanian CC Ilkley
Ben Carter Ben Rhydding CC Burley in Wharfedale
Daniel Kenna ben Rhydding CC Burley in Wharfedale
Mohammed Imran Airedale CC (Craven League) Silsden
Mohammed Nadeem Airedale CC (Craven League) Silsden
Habib Aslam Airedale CC (Craven League) Silsden
Samuel Boyden Crompark CC (Dales Council League) Menston
Dam Witham Whixley CC (Wetherby League) Knaresborough
Nigel Thornton Farsley CC (Bradford League) Calverley
Tim Lomas Babraham CC (Cambridgeshire & Huntindonshire Premier League) Calverley
Robert J Wheeler Olicanian CC Ilkley
Simon Taylor Spofforth CC (Nidderdale League) North Leeds
Adam Seymour Southowram CC (Halifax League) Tong Park Esholt
Craig Smith Idel CC (Bradford League) Thackley
Andrew Foulds Upper Wharfedale CC Steeton
Matthew Price Bradley CC (Craven League) Steeton
Daivd Ryan Menston CC Illingworth
Jack Ryan Menston CC Illingworth
Richard James Milligan Pudsey St. Lawrence CC (Bradford League) Rawdon
James Daniel Wilcock Upper Wharfedale CC Otley
Luke Holroyd Undercliffe CC (Bradford League) Thackley
Rizwan Ali Leeds Police CC (Wetherby League) Bardsey
Qaisar Hameed Leeds Police CC (Wetherby League) Bardsey
Naseem Aslam Leeds Police CC (Wetherby League) Bardsey
Jack Harrison Olicanian CC Collingham & Linton
Ed Broadley Ilkley CC Olicanian
Chris Smith Ben Rhydding CC Adel
Mark Johnson Adel CC Ben Rhydding
Tom Pratt Guiseley CC Ben Rhydding
David Mahoney Old Actonians CC (Middlesex Championship League) Follifoot
Adam Morgan Thackley CC Pool
Kristopher Welsh St. Fagans CC (Glamorgan & Monmouthshire League) Horsforth
Richard Feltbower Menson CC New Rover
Alastair Long Olicanian CC Calverley
Thomas Glover Wrenthorpe CC (Central Yorkshire Cricket League) Colton
James H. Burnett Walmley CC (Birmingham District League) North Leeds
Bailey Worcester Collingham & Linton CC Horsforth
Daniel Temm Guiseley CC Otley
Ian Chaplin Guiseley CC Ilkley
Liam Mulligan Otley CC Kirkstall Educational
Craig Hunt Undercliffe CC (Bradford League) Otley
Dave Girling Follifoot CC Collingham & Linton
Tony Jones Windhill CC (Bradford League) Bolton Villas
Daniel Gautrey Otley CC Colton Institute
James Davies Bradford & Bingley CC (Bradford League) Otley
Andrew Robinson Collingham & Linton CC Horsforth
Mark Gilliver Northowram Fields CC (Central Yorkshire League) Horsforth
Leon Harbor Thackley CC Horsforth
Nick Smith Ben Rhydding CC Adel
Mark McEneaney Blubberhouses CC (Nidderdale League) Horsforth