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Waddilove Cup Final 2012

Take 2 – 19th August

Last 15 overs to be bowled on Sunday 29th August from 1pm at Ilkley CC.

Play suspended due to bad light.

20:08 – Robbie Oldham caught by Brian Leigh off Dave Sweeting for 3.

19:50 – Jason Wright caught by Brian Leigh off Dave Sweeting for 28.

19:25 – Charlie Swallow smashes a ball well caught by Ollie Hardaker for 30 off Dave Sweeting.

19:22 – Robbie Miller caught by Matthew Fielding off Toby Jacklin for 12, FoW 50-2

18:55 – Play resumed

18:24 – Rain stops play.

18:22 – Lewis Bolton skies a ball from Matthew Fielding comfortably caught by 1st slip.  FoW 1-1.  Charlie Swallow comes to the crease.

18:21 – Ben Rhydding open their innings with Lewis Bolton and Robbie Miller.  Andrew Robinson to open the bowling.

17:51 – Stephen Booth is caught first ball at deep point, Collingham close on 182 all out.

17:49 – Stephen James is bowled for 9, FoW 182-9.  Stephen Booth comes to the wicket for the last ball or so.

17:45 – Andrew Robinson is run out for 6.  FoW 176-8 in the penultimate over.

17:37 – Sam Anderson is caught behind for 15.  FoW 167-7.

17:35 – Toby Jacklin is bowled by Charlie Swallow for 65.  FoW 166-6 in the 41st over.

17:15 – Matthew Fielding caught on the long on boundary for 17.

17:08 – Collingham’s Toby Jacklin reaches his half century.

17:05 – 127-4 with 10 overs remaining.

16:30 – Ollie Hardaker is bowled by Alex Miller for 35,Matthew Fielding comes to the crease.

15:50 – Play resumed.

15:18 – Rain stopped play, Collingham 27-3 in the 15th.

15:00 – Play resumed.

14:41 – Rain stopped play.

14:39 – Alex Miller replaces Charlie Swallow as the rain gets heavier.

14:34 – Umpires Christie & Solity have a chat about the weather but decide to preceveer.  If 10 overs are completed this match will be played to a finish even if it means coming back next Sunday.

14:30 – Charles Fairbank caught at the wicket, Ollie Hardakre comes to the crease, light rain appearing to be falling.

14:12 Brian Leigh goes for a pull for Wright and is caught. Charlie Fairbank comes to the crease, Collingham 7-2.

14:05 – Charlie Swallow will share the new ball.  Collingham 2-1 after the first over (both wides).

14:01 – John Swain caught 1st slip to a rising delivery from Wright, Toby Jacklin comes to the crease.  Collingham 0-1.

14:00 – Jason Wright to open the bowling for Ben Rhydding with John Swain to face the first ball and Brian Leigh is the non striker..

13:55 – We’ve got further than last time – the umpires have taken to the field, closely followed by the Ben Rhydding fielders and Collingham openers –

13:45 – Collingham have won the toss and have elected to bat.

12:40 – Rain is falling and covers are on at Ilkey.


14:15 – Match abandonded. Rescheduled to Sunday 19th August.

13:50 – Raining, covers on.

The umpires Mr. Andrew Mitchell (3rd umpire), Mr. John Christie and Mr. Phil Solity

13:45 – Ben Rhydding win the toss and elect to Bat.