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2011 AGM

Below is a summary of rule changes that were passed at the 2011 AGM.  Please see the rules quoted for the complete wording of the relevant rules.

The following rules were updated to make them clearer but without changing the meaning:

3.4 ii)

The following rules were updated to make them consistent with the Laws of Cricket (2010):

3.6 – The balls shall be with the umpires prior to the toss.

3.8 – Umpires are the sole persons responsible for conditions of play regarding weather, light and condition of playing area at the start and throughout the game.

4.5 relating to Overseas players has moved from Trophies section to 5.8 Qualification of Players.

The following rules are new or have changed:

1.8 iii) Voting is now by simple majority vote except for 1.1(ii) & (vi).

1.6 iii) Rule changes to be submitted by 31st July.

1.6 iv) Rules that are on the AGM Order Paper cannot be brought back to the AGM for 2 years unless it is purely administrative and with express permission of the League Management Committee.

3.11 – 1st & 2nd XI league matches must use a minimum of 4 bowlers per innings.

5.4 – Players under 19 may now play 2nd & 3rd XI cricket in the same weekend, extended from Under 17’s.

6.2 i) – Proceedures for when both umpires are absent before a match.

6.3 – Payment of Umpires – Increase in fees and £25 expenses cap introduced.

7 – Cup rules – Changes to 7.1, 7.3 i), iii), iv) and note to try and extend the ability to obtain a result by playing cricket.

7.8 ii) – Ian Chappell Cup Final start time set at 1:30pm
7.8 vi) & vii) – Ian Chappell Cup now requires each team to use 5 bowlers.